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Local Grants

  • If you received approval for a grant and your funded event occured, please fill out the Follow-up Report form to let us know how your event went.
  • Download the Grant Request form and fill out all the required fields. Once you are done, please scan the form and email it to the JCNCF office at office@JCNCF.ORG

  • Before downloading the Grant Request form, please take a look at the Grant Requirements.

Grant Forms

JCNCF's Grants Committee will evaluate requests for funding. The committee will be looking for creative programs that benefit and engage the Jewish community – both those affiliated with a religious institution and those who are unaffiliated.  Any Jewish institution in North Central Florida can submit a grant request. Entities whose program will bring a greater understanding of Jewish themes and issues may also apply. The goal of a grant must reflect one of the three areas specified in this passage from Pirkei Avot “The world is built on three things: Torah (Jewish law & learning), Avodah (service to G-d & Jewish community) and Gemilut Chassidim (acts of loving kindness)”. Send us you ideas and plans. Hopefully we can help with a grant from the Jewish Council of North Central Florida.

Since its inception the mission of the Jewish Council of North Central Florida has been two-fold: 

1) support Jewish communities in Israel and around the world and
​2) enhance Jewish life in our own community.

A portion of the funds donated by the community during our Annual Campaign has been designated by the JCNCF Board of Directors
​annually to fund activities in North Central Florida.

Grant Information