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​​The Jewish Council of North Central Florida (JCNCF) is proud to be awarding Youth Experience Scholarships to individuals between the ages of 10 to 21 who reside in North Central Florida. Individuals are encouraged to apply for scholarships to attend qualified not-for-profit Jewish Youth Experience programs. The program must be an out of town experience that ends by August 31, 2019. Some of the criteria used in selecting scholarship recipients would include: demonstrated interest, achievement, and leadership in Jewish education (Religious School, Bar/Bat/B’nai Mitzvah, Jewish Youth Groups, Mitzvah Projects, etc.), reason(s) for attending the Youth Experience Program selected, involvement in community service organizations and/or projects and financial need. Additionally, recipients will be required to do follow up work after their experiences. Suggestions include volunteering at PJ Library programs, Mitzvah Day or Yom Ha Atzmaut or speaking about their experiences to community groups.

Applications are due by Sunday, December 1, 2019. For further information, please call 352.371.3846.              

Youth Experience Scholarship

  • If you received approval for a grant and your funded event occured, please fill out the Follow-up Report form to let us know how your event went.
  • Download the Grant Request form and fill out all the required fields. Once you are done, please scan the form and email it to the JCNCF office at office@JCNCF.ORG

  • Before downloading the Grant Request form, please take a look at the Grant Requirements.

Grant & Scholarship Forms

JCNCF's Grants Committee will evaluate requests for funding. The committee will be looking for creative programs that benefit and engage the Jewish community – both those affiliated with a religious institution and those who are unaffiliated.  Any Jewish institution in North Central Florida can submit a grant request. Entities whose program will bring a greater understanding of Jewish themes and issues may also apply. The goal of a grant must reflect one of the three areas specified in this passage from Pirkei Avot “The world is built on three things: Torah (Jewish law & learning), Avodah (service to G-d & Jewish community) and Gemilut Chassidim (acts of loving-kindness)”. Send us your ideas and plans. Hopefully, we can help with a grant from the Jewish Council of North Central Florida.

Since its inception the mission of the Jewish Council of North Central Florida has been two-fold: 

1) support Jewish communities in Israel and around the world and
​2) enhance Jewish life in our own community.

A portion of the monies donated by the community during our Annual Campaign has been designated
by the JCNCF Board of Directors to fund community programs and activities in North Central Florida.

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